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As part of the AfA SARCC mapping project we are currently talking to SARCs  about their challenges, and based on their needs we will endeavour to help fill any gaps in capacity through connecting them to partners and services. Where we identify gaps in capacity enhancement opportunities, AfA and SARCC are investigating developing programs to assist SARCs and other network member organizations.  In addition to issues directly related to animal welfare and protection capacity, we have identified capacity enhancements needs in areas such as strategic development, social media storytelling, and grant writing. 

This is an exciting space to be helping SARCCs, stay tuned to AfA social media channels, Slack and our newsletters for upcoming announcements and opportunities. 

If you have a challenge, or gap in your capacity you’d like to discuss, a success you’d like to share, or have a capacity enhacement opportunity would like to share with our members- please discus with our SARCC coordinator by emailing them at

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