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Members of the Asia for Animals Sanctuaries and Rescue Centers Coalition (SARCC) do not need to meet any minimum requirements or standards to join and be part the conversation. However, to join SARCC, organizations must join the Asia for Animals Coalition Network, which is free!

Asia for Animals (AfA) is an open network. We believe change can best be made for animals and organizations by welcoming everyone to the table to discuss their challenges and to share successful strategies. We promote and provide a friendly, approachable environment in which to share ideas. 

AfA & SARCC acknowledge that sanctuaries and rescue centers across Asia:

  • operate in a wide variety of cultural backgrounds;

  • operate in various political and governmental regulatory spaces;

  • have multifaceted missions ranging from the provision of lifelong care of individual animals to conservation programs.;

  • are engaged in a wide variety of activities such as education programs and community engagement.

  • have access to differing levels of financial and human resources. 

We encourage organizations to consider best practices when rescuing wildlife and/or providing sanctuary. 

We all care for animals and creating a better tomorrow, and views on how we do this may differ between organizations. We acknowledge that there may be differences of opinion between members. However, we can still respect and learn from each other's experiences and work collaboratively together towards the same goal. 

We ask members to acknowledge these differences, and accept that through the inclusion of different voices and opinions, we can better understand different perspectives. Through respectful debate and conversation, we can learn what is working and what is not in our overarching mutual goal to help animals across Asia.  

Would you like to join Asia for Animals? 
Our Current Members

We are proud to have welcomed  these dedicated organizations as SARCC members:

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