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Recognizing Discomfort and Illness in Bears

Updated: May 11, 2023

There are many challenges in noticing illness or discomfort in animals in human care. Many species have adapted to not outwardly show any signs of illness as a survival mechanism, strongly hiding any weaknesses. In this webinar Molly Feldman, Animal Manager at Animals Asia Chengdu Bear Rescue Center, gives insights into how her and her team recognize subtle changes in their ‘stoic’ bears behaviour to identify potential illness.

While the context is species specific towards bears, there are numerous lessons or points to reflect on for other species in SARC care - from thinking of seasonal seasonal changes, natural behavioural patterns, understanding individual animal personalities and the knowledge and feeling of those who care and look after individual animals.

The Asia for Animals Sanctuaries and Rescue Centers Coalition would like to thank Animals Asia, and Molly Feldman for sharing this resource with our network member organizations, SARCs across Asia and the public.

If you have a topic you are interested in, and can not find information on, or have a resource you would like to share that may help sanctuaries and rescue centers, please email our lead SARCC coordinator -

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