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Exploitation and trade cause immense suffering for millions of animals across Asia. Sanctuaries and rescue centers (SARCs) are on the front lines of conservation and welfare, working with governments and partners to provide immediate refuge and treatment, rehabilitation, long-term care, sanctuary or the chance for release for rescued wildlife, along with awareness and education programs. 


The Asia for Animals Sanctuaries and Rescue Centers Coalition (SARCC) is a member-led working group. We aim to empower people and organizations across Asia by coordinating a coalition that fosters, facilitates and encourages networking through collaboration and cooperation.  

AfA is the largest network of animal advocacy and protection NGOs in Asia.

This puts us in a unique position to:

  • be a central contact point for SARCs and animal advocacy organizations in Asia;

  • maintain a bird’s eye view of SARCs and their activities and identify opportunities for connection;

  • keep a finger on the pulse in this area of animal protection.

We invite Asia’s sanctuaries, rescue centers and supporting organizations to join us as we develop this exciting new working group.  We do not wish to duplicate work that is currently underway, but rather complement such work by identifying and sharing opportunities that already exist and fill identified gaps in the industry through connecting programs and organizations together. 

Explore our initiatives

SARCC's vision is for Asia's sanctuaries and rescue centers to achieve their own missions in helping animals  with the help of our collaborative and supportive community. 

SARCC aims to:

  • raise awareness of the issues that impact the welfare of animals across Asia;

  • provide advocacy support for campaigns within the region aimed at improving animal welfare or ending animal exploitation and suffering;

  • facilitate discussions between organizations and the sharing of information in the pursuit of solutions to animal welfare challenges;

  • maintain the network and act as as central point for animal advocacy organizations offering guidance and resources to help alleviate animal suffering; 

  • unify our voices, build capacity and share technical resources and opportunities. 

We are proud of our member sanctuaries, rescue centers and supporting organizations. 

Get in contact with us! 

If you would like more information about joining SARCC, contact Elliot,  lead SARCC coordinator at

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