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SARCC aims to bring people and organizations together, and to facilitate and encourage networking through collaboration, coordination and cooperation. 

For a overview of animal protection events in Asia, please see the Asia for Animals Event Calendar


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Upcoming SARCC Events
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The Care Necessities- Mental Health in Captive Animal Care 

August 30, 2023 - 6pm Bangkok -12pm London


The Asia for Animals' Sanctuaries and Rescue Centers Coalition (SARCC) is teaming up with Wild Welfare to discuss mental health in captive care! Keepers, animal carers, veterinarian staff and managers' own welfare is often overlooked as they strive for the best for the animals in their care.


In this free, two-hour online event, we will welcome speakers and panelists from around the world to talk about many aspects of mental health, and what you can do to look after yourself, or support those in your team.

Click here to see our event schedule, and when the event is on in your time zone or use this handy timezone convertor.

Our Speakers 
Learn from medical professionals & NGOs supporting mental health awareness and strategies for yourself and your organizations.
Our Panelists
Hear from those who work with in organizations and with animals and their mental health awareness stories. 

2023 AfA Conference - Education and Engagement Evoke Change

October 11-14 2023- Kuching, Malaysia


Every two years, AfA hosts Asia’s largest animal protection conference with our core network partners. This is an opportunity for organizations from across Asia and the globe to come together and share their achievements and strategies.

Our 13th conference is scheduled for October 11-14 2023,  in Kuching, Malaysia- this will be our first in-person conference in four years! Click the banner below to find out more.


You can find out more about past and future AfA conferences here

Past SARCC Events
April 2023
Sanctuaries and Rescue Centers: On The Frontlines of Conservation and Welfare

SARCs are often placed at a seemingly conflicting point between alleviating the suffering of individuals and acting as guardians of threatened species.  When we consider the needs of individual animals, overpopulated SARCs, their limited resources and the need to rehabilitate, release and contribute to species conservation, the right way forward is not always clear.


SARCC's first event, Sanctuaries and Rescue Centers: On the Frontlines of Conservation and Welfare, was  held on April 7, 2023, and hosted live on Zoom, and livestreamed to Youtube. This first event was based on knowledge gaps that were identified in the initial stages of our Asian SARC mapping project , were we had conversations with sanctuaries, rescue centers, and the associated organizations supporting them. We have learned an incredible amount about their challenges, and have seen that many specific challenges are shared across different organizations. Our first event was designed to inform SARCs about some of the programs and tools available to help with these challenges, and to catalyze conversations between SARCs on these shared challenges. Whilst this event was aimed at SARC practitioners we welcomed members of the public, researchers, and students from around Asia, and globally.  

We had staff from 12 SARCs based in Asia, across 5 countries, 2 international SARCs (outside of Asia), 4 supporting organizations (technical consultancy or conservation groups) join us live. 

Here are the links to the presentations from the event. 


Session 1 - Frontline sanctuary & rescue center issues and an organizational perspective - Dr Irhamna Putri

Session 2 - Professional development opportunities for animal care staff - Sarah Bonser Blake

Session 3 - Decision making scoring tool for the life planning of rescued wildlife- Inge Tielen

Session 4 - How improper translocations are an impediment to animal conservation & welfare - Prof. Anna Nekaris

The playlist of all videos

Full event recording

Our event speakers
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