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Mapping Asia's sanctuaries and rescue centers

Beginning in 2022, The AfA Sanctuaries and Rescue Centers Coalition conducted a mapping project to gain an overview of the sanctuaries and rescue centers across Asia, along with associated organizations and networks that support their work.

To read the report, and learn more about our mapping project please go to our Mapping Asia’s SARCs page.

As part of this project we also have been directly talking with SARCs and associated organizations to get a great understanding of the successes, challenges and knowledge gaps within SARCs across Asia. These informal discussions help steer our focus to where SARCs say they need assistance.

Whilst this project will be an on-going focus of SARCC as we discover more centers, we have now published our initial overview results. The database of SARCs is not publicly available, however if you are interested in accessing the database, please contact our SARCC lead coordinator.

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