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Decision making scoring tool for the life planning of rescued wildlife

Inge Tielen’s presentation 'Decision making scoring tool for the life planning of rescued wildlife' at SARCC's Frontlines event demonstrated a tool which she developed and is applied at Cikananga Wildlife Rescue Center for disposal decision making for each individual keeping in mind welfare and conservation opportunities, but also allows them to communicate clearly with all stakeholders and government institutions effectively.

To view SARCC's full event 'Sanctuaries and rescue centers: on the frontlines of conservation and welfare' please head to the playlist on Animals for Asia Youtube Channel.

About Inge Tielen

Inge worked for the past 10 years in Indonesia as Conservation Manager at Wanicare Foundation and Deputy Director Life Science at Cikananga Wildlife Center. In her role she was responsible for the development, implementation and coordination of conservation programs and releases. In this role she was able to develop innovative programs with Cikananga Wildlife Center and Wanicare Foundation, placing them now on the forefront of Javan leopard, wreathed hornbill, and otter conservation programs in Indonesia and implement multiple species release programs.

Inge’s dedication to this work was always triggered by all sorts of conservation challenges, the ongoing discussion at the frontline of balancing conservation and animal welfare issues is one of them. Finding solutions to these challenges is one of her passions. Next to this, giving students and young adults the tools, confidence and opportunities to learn or develop themselves in this field is a great motivator for me.

About SARCs first event: SARCs are often placed at a seemingly conflicting point between alleviating the suffering of individuals and acting as guardians of threatened species. When we consider the needs of individual animals, overpopulated SARCs, their limited resources and the need to rehabilitate, release and contribute to species conservation, the right way forward is not always clear. In April 2023, The SARC Coalition hosted its first online event - Sanctuaries and Rescue Centers: On the Frontlines of Conservation and Welfare was designed to share with SARCs some of the programs and tools available to help with these challenges, and to catalyze conversations between SARCs on these shared challenges.

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